Purchased a home? As a first-time homeowner, here is what you should know.


1) Maintain your home

Maintaining your home is one the most important things you can do as a homeowner. Spotting small problems and fixing them before they become a bigger issue, will save you money and time. Create reminders and checklists for when tasks must be completed. Moreover, assemble a maintenance team that will handle the tasks you are underqualified to perform. It is a good idea to get the contact info of local handymen and professionals that can assist your needs as a homeowner. 

2) Do not overspend

Resist the urge to change everything in the house right away. Focus on rebuilding your funds and saving up for another large purchase. Avoid completing unnecessary projects. 

3) Hire a professional

A qualified professional will save you both time and money. Moreover, all work will be performed safely and correctly. 

4) Change up the locks

A key move in helping to deter a potential home break in is changing the locks. Know that there are probably some spare keys still floating about.

5) Clean all appliance coils, dryer vents and gutters

Cleaning will prevent a house fire; unnecessary energy consumption and it will also improve the longevity of your appliances. 

6) Check under toilets, sinks and outdoor faucets for leaks

It is important catch a leak before it has a chance to inflict any serious damage to your home and property. The best time to spot a leak is in the morning. Remember to call a professional when a leak is detected. 

7) Budget for emergencies

Setting aside money for unexpected emergencies will save you both time and hassle when life throws you a curve ball.  Although it may be unexpected, at least you will be prepared. 

8) Check the temperature of the water in your hot water tank 

Adjust the water to 120 Fahrenheit. Doing so will save you the expense of  paying a costly energy bill. 

9) Buy good quality tools and equipment

The quality of care given to your home and yard is dependent on the kinds of tools you use. Remember to buy good quality tools that will last, and the proper tools needed, such as pliers, weedwhackers, ladders, hammers, lawn mowers, shovels, saws, and wrenches. A great place to buy what you need for home maintenance and repair is Slegg Lumber

10) Change your billing and mailing address

Make sure that your bank has your new mailing address and that you have changed all billing information to your new address. Remember to update your billing address for online purchases as well.