You Will Live Closure to Nature

Here on the west coast there are many areas to camp and explore the natural wilderness of British Columbia. The Wya Point Campground located south of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve offers both forested and oceanside camping.

Living on the west coast will give you direct access to businesses that allow the observation of wildlife from a safe and respectful distance. A popular means to observe west coast nature and wildlife is through Ocean Outfitters. You can visit Ocean Outfitters on 368 Main Street, Tofino, BC. 

Protected land here in BC has risen dramatically since the 1990's. The protected land and waters of BC preserve nature and animals, which ensures that it will be here for many years to come and to be enjoyed by many people moving to the west coast.


You Will Make New Friends

The west coast is known for its hospitality, friendly locals, and tight knit communities. The people living here are laid back and will gladly welcome people from other areas. Those who enjoy outdoor activities and recreation will find it easier to make friends with outdoorsy locals. In addition, there are many sports teams and clubs to join that will provide ample opportunity to meet people. 


You Will Become More Active

The mild climate of the west coast means that outdoor recreation can be enjoyed year-round. From skiing, to golfing, surfing to hiking, people living on the west coast can enjoy a wide range of activities due to the weather, climate, and geology. We have mountains, lakes, rivers and beaches to explore. In addition, in the mild West Coast winter, it is not unusual to enjoy "summertime" activities such as golfing and surfing. Moreover, with a lot of public parks, beaches and walking trails there is plenty of green space to go outside for a workout. 


You Will Spend Less Time in Traffic 

A smaller population and less urban development mean less time spent in traffic. With your free time, not spent in traffic, you can do more of the things you love to do. Moreover, spending less time in traffic, has been shown to lower stress, and improve levels of happiness. 


You Will Eat the Best Seafood

One of the best reasons to visit and live on the west coast is the abundance of fresh caught seafood. The Pacific Ocean provides restaurants and markets with salmon, scallops, tuna, halibut, crab and more. Moreover, here on the west coast there is an abundance of top-rated restaurants serving delicious seafood. Restaurants and food trucks such as RavenLady, Cedar Grill, and the Schooner Restaurant are great places to enjoy west coast seafood. 



You Will Make New Memories

With all the possibilities for adventure, meeting new people, trying new foods, and enjoying the beauty of the west coast it is no wonder why so many people choose to live here. Moreover, living here will allow you to make many new memories and experiences. From trying your hand at ziplining, snowboarding at Mount Washington, surfing the waves at Long Beach, to attending a salmon festival in Port Alberni, there are endless opportunities and experiences to be had.