We retreat from the outside and seek cover when the autumn rain settles here on Vancouver Island. Inside our homes, we seek pleasure in the company we keep, and in the food we eat. When the weather is dreary and miserable, food can always be counted on to soothe and to comfort. Luckily for those craving comfort foods, the Shelter Restaurant in Tofino BC is open from 4:30 PM- 10:30 PM daily. 

Head on over to Tofino’s Shelter Restaurant located at 601 Campbell St., directly across from Jaime’s Whaling Station and the Tofino waterfront. From the outside, the Shelter Restaurant appears both rustic and cabin-esque, in line with Tofino's aesthetic appeal .High wooden beam ceilings and a stone fireplace that brings in the outside beauty of the west coast, makes this restaurant particularly eye catching. With its attractive ambiance and central location, its no wonder why so many people flock here to eat. It is particularly packed in the summertime when Tofino’s tourist season is in full swing. However, the Shelter Restaurant is also frequented by the locals of Tofino and is a favorite hangout for many who call Tofino home. 

 The Shelter Restaurant has become a Tofino favorite. Even Canadian rap icon Drake has enjoyed a meal here.  Furthermore, you will be delighted by how homey the restaurant both feels and smells. The sights and sounds of a burning wood fire will make you not want to leave. The décor being of rustic style, is both inviting and casual. Candlelight also makes atmosphere feel warm and cozy. Little touches such as candlelight and a roaring fire are what makes eating here feel special and memorable. The staff are also courteous and helpful.

The food here is served fresh and with plenty of flavor. The menu is a collection of west coast favorites. From Tuna Tataki and crispy calamari to chicken burgers, seafood chowder and flat iron steak with truffle fries. A personal favorite of mine is the farmhouse chicken burger. Juicy, tender chicken breast inside a crunchy buttermilk coating with a heaping helping of swiss cheese and coleslaw is delicious. Add a side of truffle parmesan fries and you really have decadent and delicious meal. 

The Shelter Restaurant also has no shortage of desserts on offer. Chocolate pot de crème, chocolate trio and warm apple pie are popular menu items. Pot de crème in French means “pot of cream” and this delicious dessert tastes like a little chocolate pot of heaven. The chocolate trio takes it up a notch by not only featuring chocolate pot de crème, but also espresso mousse cake with a chocolate truffle. However, if chocolate is not your thing, or your feeling in the mood for something else, then the warm apple pie with almond praline, vanilla bean gelato never fails to deliver. A crisp flaky crust with warm gooey apple filling tastes just as amazing as it sounds. The tartness of apple mixed with the sweetness of the gelato is both timeless and delicious. 

The Shelter Restaurant serves both hot and cold beverages. Here you can try a cocktail, beer, and or hot drink named after Tofino.  Try a brew of “Tofino Lager Can”, “Tuff Session Ale”, or “Tofino Brew Co Flight’. Moreover. The “White Out”, “West Coast Fog” and “Shelter Irish Coffee” are just what you need to feel warm and cozy this autumn.  You may also feel up for “Steppingstone” cocktail with Tofino West Coast gin, Moderna Vermouth, Woods amaro, and orange. 

The Shelter Restaurant offers both online and call in reservations. For more information, check out the Shelter Restaurant's webpage.